Dresses For Beachy Weddings On The Gulf Coast

So you say you’re getting married on the beach in Gulf Shores Alabama.  I could agree with you more.  With a lot to do and easy commute it really is a great area to have a beach wedding and honeymoon all in one place.  So what about a dress?  Recently I had a wedding and the bride wore a short white lace dress.  I really love the shorter dresses on the beach.  Some of you prospective brides are probably saying why?  How out because they’re more comfortable than a long dress?  Don’t get me wrong I like long dresses on the beach too but you really got to consider what is going make you happy and more comfortable and for about half of the brides I married this year they went with shorter dresses.  Yes that’s right about half went with shorter dresses!  No matter what type of dress you’re going to wear make sure it’s what you want for your ceremony.  Considering you’re on a beach and it’s going to be very warm it has proved to be a smart way to go for many brides.  I also watched brides struggle in long dresses that were either too tight or too restrictive in movement.  That’s why I tell everyone to consider loose and flowing dresses for the beach.  If you’re thinking about going with a mermaid or a form fitted dress you may want to reconsider because you will be having problems getting through the sand.  Those types of dresses do have their place but it is in a controlled environment.  One young lady had so much trouble walking in her dress her father had to pick her up and lower her to the sand because her dress would not allow her to make that last step.  So please think about dressing comfortably.  I have your best interest at heart.