Made Your Wedding On The Beach Budget Yet?

How many of you have made a budget for your beach wedding in Pensacola? Before you even think about coming to Florida to get married you need to think about what you can afford. You will notice on our wedding packages page we have every kind of package to suit different levels of affordability. Our Island Getaway package and our arches are the most popular packages. And they couldn’t be more different. One for very small weddings and one for larger weddings. One of the largest things take into consideration when planning a beach wedding is your accommodations or lodging. This will probably take up most of your budget. Use the wedding resources page to find accommodations. We have listed two of the most popular websites to help you find a place to stay. Condominiums are about the same price as hotel rooms but with more amenities. Instead of one room you will have an apartment with a real kitchen, bathroom, living room. That’s what makes condominiums great, the convenience. Stay away from high-rise condominiums. That means more people on the beach, which means crowds. Go for smaller condominiums. You’ll still have a beautiful view without all the people. You also need to think about driving or flying. Most of you will be driving, plan for gas money. And then there’s food. In condominiums you can cook because they have pots, pans, and dishes. Most hotels on the beach have free breakfast. If you plan your budget accordingly you can have everything you need. Try not to go into debt. Most if you will be using credit cards so think about interest rates. Now maybe the time to get a credit card with a lower interest rate so getting married in Florida will be easier. I know I’ve given you a lot to think about today but it’s better to start planning now than to wait.