Pensacola Wedding And Greek Food

Thinking about a beach wedding in Pensacola? Well this weekend is the Greek festival. It happens every October about this time of the month. The food is incredible! Imagine getting married on the beach and the next day going to the Greek festival, eat, drink and be merry, and dance! There are plenty of volunteers to help you learn the steps. They’ve got a little bit of everything for everyone. There’s plenty of parking and it’s not that far from Pensacola Beach. Very easy to find. Go through Gulf Breeze and over the 3 mile bridge. Stay straight at the light after the 3 mile bridge go to your second red light take a left and your own Garden Street. Imagine celebrating your first festival as husband and wife. It’s a great time for bride and groom to enjoy all the area has to offer. About 20 minutes from Pensacola Beach and you’ll be celebrating with everyone else. With plenty of treats to take come too. Then that evening come back to your beach house or condo and walk the beach. Share those moments that make you smile. The joy of spending time together while exploring a different area can really enlighten you to the gifts of Pensacola Beach. After getting married on Pensacola Beach you’ll have a lot to go home and remember. Don’t forget to bring your camera for those moments you want to relive again. Especially the laughing which you will find plenty of at the Greek festival. I look forward to helping you with your wedding and watching you walk into the sunset together.