October Alabama Wedding

If you’re thinking about getting married in Gulf Shores then October is the month for you.  The Shrimp festival is over and Gulf Shores will be getting a lot quieter and slowing down some for the winter season. The weather is outstanding this time of year with highs in the low eighties and lows in the sixties you couldn’t ask for better weather to have a wedding on the beach. I think if more brides and grooms knew about how beautiful the weather is this time of year we would have a lot more weddings. I tried to encourage couples who are looking to get married to consider other times of the year than summer to get married. One advantage as all the tourist are gone. You’ll be strolling on that beach practically by yourselves. Now that’s great, you’ll never get that summer. You will not be sweating during your ceremony. That speaks volumes when you’re wearing a wedding gown. Imagine walking up for the dunes to the person you love the most with your friends and family waiting for you and the heat isn’t beating you down. You feel comfortable and you’re more relaxed. It doesn’t get any better than that. You really gonna enjoying the October time in Alabama on the beach. If you’re bringing children with you they will enjoy it as well. There’s a lot for kids to go and enjoy as much as the adults will. Gulf Shores has many attractions for the whole family. So come on down to the beach in October and let’s get married.