Beach Wedding With A Shrimp Festival Too

Did you get married in Gulf Shores this weekend? If so then you had a great time at the shrimp festival which is held every year about this same time. There’s no fee to enter the shrimp festival and there’s free entertainment. With arts and crafts and some of the best seafood you’ll ever eat what more could a bride and groom ask? We have married many couples every year during this shrimp festival. Many brides and grooms come back each year for this very reason, it’s a great way to celebrate your anniversary and have a good time with great food. The festival starts on Thursday and goes through Sunday. We’ve had a lot of couples have their beach wedding on Friday, then go to the shrimp festival that night for entertainment, and Saturday ego for the arts and crafts and of course the food! It’s kind of like a reception with a lot of people. But it really is a fun time for everyone. If you have children from previous marriages what a great time for them to come and have fun also. There’s lots of things for the kids and they can participate in the wedding. Your friends and family love being invited to a wedding on the beach with the shrimp festival going on at the same time. Believe me that a will make several trips to the festival and enjoy themselves completely. I’m hoping that next year I see a lot if you here celebrating your anniversaries or weddings right here in Gulf Shores Alabama.