What To Say At A Portuguese Beach Wedding

I had a bride call me who wanted to get married on Pensacola Beach. She was very nice on the phone but I detected an accent and asked where she was from. She tell me she was from Brazil, South America. I was very happy for her and couldn’t do her wedding. She had family flying in from Brazil. The groom was from Brazil as well. The groom did not speak English. I did know that at the time of booking the wedding, I found that out later, which is a story in itself. So the day arrived for this happy occasion on the beach. There were about 50 people there and no one spoke English except for one person. It was the bride’s cousin, a very nice man. I also didn’t know the bride didn’t speak English very well either. So this day got better and better. While I was talking to the bride’s cousin he told me how the groom did not speak English. So the bride’s cousin and I laid out a plan so we could cap the sweating take place. He worked as interpreter. So we start the wedding and the bride’s cousin interpreted everything I said and everything was going along really smoothly. Then the bride’s uncle wanted to stand up and say a few words during the ceremony. I thought this would be very meaningful for the couple so I agreed to it. Then the bride’s uncle pulls out six pages typed front and back. It took 20 minutes for her uncle to say a few small words. By that time it was dark, when you least expect it things can happen of course it’s going to happen but we persevered and got the pictures thanks to the photographer remembering his flash. It was really an interesting afterwards. The bride and groom picked up and paraded around while tossing them up in the air. What a lively group! It was one of the most entertaining weddings I’ve ever been to. I was later told that the bride and groom had already gotten married in Brazil and that’s why there was no marriage license. All of this was strictly done for the family.