Lavender Beach Wedding In Alabama

Our Gulf Shores wedding on the beach was a joy to behold with everyone but the bride dressed in lavender. Let me be the first to say there’s nothing like a wedding on the beach with teenagers. Teenagers lighten the whole mood especially when their full of energy. And of course this group was no exception. The bride looked lovely in her strapless white lace gown. The groom had some of the most beautiful blue eyes and think I’d ever seen. What a handsome couple they made. They had chosen the Isle of Love package that has the heart in the sand. It was perfect for their small group. They picked the perfect date to have a wedding on the beach. Most families had gone home to get children ready for school in the coming two weeks. So when we walk down on the beach at sunset their work very few people around and we’re at a condominium that had four towers. To be on that beach was barely any people on it was great. Most of the time I tell brides and grooms to try to find a condominium that is not tall and has only one tower because of all the people that will be on the beach during your ceremony. But we got lucky today and it was fantastic. The two young ladies wore lavender dresses and the two younger guys were lavender shirts. And of course or groom wore a lavender shirt. It looks so nice up against the sand and surf. We did a couple of funny shots on the beach which is the young people really enjoyed and had some interesting poses add to the fun.