Getting Married On The Beach In Pensacola With False Eyelashes

If your hearts desire is to get married on Pensacola Beach? A wedding to dream about then look no further. We are here to help you have your special day on the sand. There are many things to consider for your beach wedding including any and all forms of makeup. I am sure some of you have noticed that false eyelashes have made a comeback in a big way. When you are getting married on the beach please remember to be careful that your eyelashes are not too heavy and we do recommend to have they professionally applied. Although you really should wear more makeup than you normally do for your wedding so photos make you look fabulous, you have to be careful by not applying your false eyelashes to the point where they do not look real. Recently one of our Pensacola beach brides had her eyelashes so thick that her photographs made her have a not very flattering look. Even though we can edit we cannot work miracles with badly applied false eyelashes. Her eyelashes were overdone to the point where she looked like she had paper eyelashes. Then we had another bride who had her eyelashes professionally applied and looked incredible. The cosmetologist that applied her eyelashes used a lighter hand and created a softer look that photographed perfectly. It was a hot summer so eyelash adhesive was not holding quite as well as it should have. We saw many false eyelashes not behaving as they should have. It was rough on the brides. Brides who took the time to have extra mascara instead seemed to fare better. Everyone face makeup for the most part held up a rather well. Most people were generous with the sunscreen so brides looked beautiful with the soft blush of sun. All in all not a bad summer for makeup.