Gulf Shores Weddings On The Beach

Alabama Beach Wedding In Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores weddings on the beach will be a memorable event for you and your loved ones. So much to see and do. Great restaurants with fresh Gulf seafood. Honeymoon here as well.Now here is funny story. A beach wedding in Gulf Shores Alabama on Oyster Bay was an eventful moment. The wedding started out like most weddings do, meeting the people and showing them where the ceremony would take place.

But this Gulf Shores on the beach would be very different from any wedding with the arrival of an unexpected person. We needed a wedding venue near me. We had everyone come down to the beach including the groom. The bride and her bridesmaids were in the house continuing to get ready and putting finishing touches on their ensembles, originally they were going for an Orange Beach wedding.

Gulf Shores Wedding On The Beach

The groom was standing with me talking about how the two of them had met. He was telling me about what attracted him to her. It was all so very sweet and funny. I looked up in the sky and saw something in the sky which I thought was pelicans. Then here comes the bridesmaids looking good in blush pink gowns and bouquets. The bride and her mother were next to walk down the aisle and we started the wedding.

The ceremony had proceeded through the sand ceremony and I was in the closing paragraphs when I noticed the guests looking up. I thought there were maybe some birds or something and took no mind to it. Then the groom grabbed the bride and ran towards the house. I was left standing there and could not figure out what on earth was happening. My photographer grabbed my hand and we also went running towards the beach house.

I could not imagine what could have interrupted the Gulf Shores wedding on the beach until I turned around. Sky divers had landed almost on top of the wedding arch. I was stunned and shocked, did they not see us? They barely missed the arch and came down on top of one of the tiki torches which did not break. Small miracles there. I ran over to them to make sure everyone was okay. No one needed an ambulance but that was one of the most unusual things that has every happened.

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