July 2015 Beach Weddings

With the start of July we will be having fireworks from beach weddings in Gulf Shores to the delight of everyone. Summer is in full swing and we look forward to you coming down to the Alabama shoreline and having your ceremony with us. It’s so easy to get married in Gulf Shores you could put it all together in less than a day. Call us and we’ll walk you through the steps to make your wedding date shine in the sun. Make sure to check out the marriage license page and if you’re an out of state resident you can get your marriage license the same day you get married providing the marriage license offices open all your day. We have many packages to choose from including the very popular Island Getaway package. Make sure to check out the wedding resources package for information on condominiums, houses and hotels. You can’t go wrong in this area. July is the month to celebrate so celebrate it in style with the Beach Bride Weddings LLC. Make sure to tell your guests to dress comfortably for your sunset wedding. The heat is on but here on the Gulf Coast we keep our cool with the bride and groom sticking their feet in the water after their ceremony.