Saying I Do On The 4th Of July

On the 4th of July I won’t do weddings on Pensacola Beach. It’s really hard to get off the beach after a wedding and I’ve been stuck in Gulf Breeze until midnight before which was not fun to say the least. However today I was doing a Perdido Key beach wedding and it’s much easier to get off the beach. Everyone gathered at the public access area and we all walked down to the beach together. The reason the bride and groom wanted the wedding on the 4th of July is the groom was a sailor stationed at Naval Air Station in Pensacola. So there was a lot of meaning in getting married on that date. We waited until about 730 to have the wedding because most of the people were off the beach by then and the sky was absolutely beautiful with shades of pink, orange and blue. Our happy couple had family and friends there which really added to the joy of the moment. One of their friends was a real character and kept everyone laughing until it was time for the ceremony. We had a simple ceremony on the beach with the Island Getaway package. Afterwards during the family portraits and pictures with friends this time really lit up. The bride sent some pictures to me after she got back home and I still have them on my desk. If you go to the gallery page on the website and see the American flag with the two hands over it, that was a piece of that day.