And Then The Sun Shined On The Beach Wedding

As we were driving on our way to the beach wedding in Pensacola the skies were overcast and there were sprinkles. But I kept believing that we’re gonna get a break and be able to have the wedding that the bride had dreamed of. We were training a new assistant photographer and I had hoped that the day would not be a total wash out. As we approached our destination we realized we were in the wrong place and had to turn back around and go further down the beach. Upon arriving at the condo I went up to see the bride and she looked resplendent. Her floor length gown was a classic a line dress with halter neck and ruffles running length ways down her dress. When she walked the ruffles moved with her and it gave the hemline a very pretty fluttery look. Our groom was more casual with some khaki shorts and a white button down shirt.  He had braided his goatee and looked rather stylish. The bride’s family was with them and we had a wonderful time on the sand. Right when we start walking out there to have beach wedding ceremony the sky opened up to blue hues with light clouds. Everywhere you looked there were rainbows. I told the bride it was good luck if the rained on your wedding day. During the ceremony the photographer counted three rainbows in the sky. It was truly a memorable day.