The 40mph Gulf Shores Beach Wedding

And all the years I’ve been doing beach weddings in Gulf Shores one stands out in the unbelievable weather category. For most of the time when we do a wedding in Alabama the weather is really quite pleasant was sunny skies and a light breeze. The sand is warm and the wedding goes off without a hitch with everything in its place. As you know some brides and grooms want to get married on their special day regardless of the circumstances. I understand this. As long as is not thundering or lightning I don’t mind getting slightly damp. However this wedding really took the wedding cake. I had been following the weather all day and call the bride and groom to inform them that we were going to have 40 mph winds. The very next day the weather was going to be pleasant and sunny. I asked them if they would want to wait and have the wedding the next day.  They informed me that they would not and would go ahead with the wedding as planned. We had to alter our setup so things would not get blown away. Although our efforts were admirable the tiki torches refused to stand up in the sand. We ended up burying them halfway down which made them rather short. But they did stand up. When we started the wedding the wind was blowing so hard that everyone’s hair became plastered against their heads. The wedding when off as good as we could have it. The pictures weren’t bad considering the environment. The next day I went back out there with my camera and took pictures of the bride and groom again so they can have their pictures without 40 mph winds.