A Beach Wedding With Children

This wedding on Pensacola Beach was so much fun, we had five children in the wedding along with their mom and dad. That was all the people we had and it was perfect. The happy bride and groom had chosen the Isle of Love package which is the heart in the sand. Originally we had planned to do the wedding at their condominium however when we walked out onto the beach because of all the tents there was no place to have a wedding. So we decided to go down the beach and have the ceremony. The bride wore a lovely Grecian style down and the groom wore khaki slacks with a white button down shirt. The two bridesmaids wore beautiful green and dresses and the three grooms men had khaki shorts with blue and green shirts. What attractive family they were in their beach wedding clothes. We got some really great pictures and the ones that I really likes to the most had the entire family. We had a picture of everyone standing around the heart I liked a lot and also one of them sitting on the sand which I thought was very nice. When the bride smiled her whole face lit up. She had one of the nicest smiles of ever seen. At sunset there’s not a lot of people on the beach. I really prefer to do all my weddings at sunset because of this. It gives you a more intimate and private wedding when there’s not a lot of people around. You couldn’t do this in the middle of the day because everyone would become into the beach to enjoy it.