Your Wedding On Pensacola Beach For Two

Summer 2015 is waiting for your Pensacola wedding so don’t delay, call us today. The weather is heating up and I’m talking 90° today on Pensacola Beach. Of course we have our weddings at sunset when the heat of the day is not so intense. The breeze from the ocean will help keep wedding guests and the bride and groom from sweating too much. But of course there will be nerves. This joyous occasion can be celebrated on our beautiful white sand beaches here in Florida. With Pensacola Beach being a smaller area you do have beaches where you can get away from the people and have an intimate celebration. When planning your beach wedding make sure to have accommodations already set up. In the summertime it can be difficult to find a room on the beach especially in June. So make those reservations early. Make sure to check out the wedding resources page on the website for valuable information that will make your stay here more comfortable. Pensacola Beach has become the new area to have beach weddings on because it is more accessible then the larger resort areas. It’s easy to finds your own piece of beach to say I do on. And while there are some days in the summertime where it can be busy we have those listed on the contact page. But most of the time it’s a great place to come and celebrate your love.