A Wedding On Bon Secour

While it wasn’t a Gulf Shores beach wedding it was certainly memorable and one of the most romantic.  We went to a cabin off Highway 180 going towards Fort Morgan in Alabama. The cap and was called Bay Time and it certainly lived up to its name. There was a Pierre that when an out over Bon Secour and the view was absolutely magnificent with the sunset. It was very quiet and the bride and groom could hear each other exchange their vows quite well. Their two children work with them and were under five years old. There were mullet jumping everywhere which added to the ambiance of the moment. We got some great pictures and although it was hot over the water there was a slight breeze which really cooled things down. The cabin itself was a homey little place with an incredible view of the bay. When we drove in to have the wedding there were trees coming over the driveway making a natural tunnel with Spanish moss hanging everywhere. It was a one of a kind beach wedding to be sure. I would highly recommend it to anyone that wanted to get married in Gulf Shores. There was so much privacy was one of the top draws of this place. While we were out there I didn’t see anyone and this is June so you can just imagine how private it really was. The only thing we saw was two dogs wandering along the beach. So if you’re looking to get away from an all you might wanna consider this place to get married at.