Great Colors To Wear To A Wedding On The Beach

If you’re planning a Pensacola Beach wedding and you’re wondering what colors work well on the beach may I suggest some of our top picks. Of course the bride will wear white but we have seen wedding dresses that are white with blue touches, red touches, and one dress that was completely pink. So you can wear just about any color. Most guys wear khaki slacks and a white button down shirt. This photographs really well. The guests can wear just about any color and we seen turquoise, orange, pink, etc. Monochromatic beach weddings on the beach look OK but it wouldn’t be my first choice. They tend to not photographs really good. I think it’s because of the surroundings being a more natural element. I’ve been to monochromatic weddings before and they look really good inside the photograph good inside but not so much on the beach. I’ve also seen weddings were everyone wore white and while in photographs really well the bride tends to be lost in the crowd. Unless she has a pink wedding gown on and then she stands out quite well. At a Pensacola Beach wedding go forth the more natural tones or tropical colors. At the end of the wedding we always do a group shot. It looks really good when there’s a wide assortment of callers up against the Gulf of Mexico as a backdrop. I’ll be seeing you on the beach soon.