Photography And Weddings In Gulf Shores

A Gulf Shores wedding on the beach is a wonderful event to be cherished with memories forever captured with photography. Here at Beach Bride Weddings LLC the photography is important to catch the right moments at the right time. We only use our staff photographer and do not permit outside professional photographers. There is a reason for this. Don’t get me wrong we do permit family members to take pictures, we feel that’s important because they want they’re own pictures. But when a photographer comes from another state and they are unfamiliar with the sand on the beaches and the heat they can become easily overwhelmed. At one time we did permit people to bring their own photographers and the results were not good. I primarily use photographers that are physically fit,  They”re locals and are accustomed to getting through the sand in the heat. Our photographers are in their element at a beach wedding. This sand is very soft here and your feet sink into it and it really feels good on your feet, really comfortable. However up a person that is not familiar would have a hard time getting through that sand. When doing a wedding on the beach you have to be able to capture the moment when it happens. You can’t turn back time and capture that moment when the groom put ring on the bride’s finger. Also my photographer knows my ceremony and we work very closely together throughout the ceremony to get the best pictures that we can.