Fort Morgan Wedding

When you think Alabama Beach wedding most if you don’t think about Fort Morgan, a smaller more remote area at the very southwest tip of Alabama. This area is very small and spread out with only a couple of stores out there and that includes restaurants. But it is beautiful and a great place for a wedding on the beach. Our wonderful couple for the mid May ceremony were very tall folks. The bride was my height and the groom must’ve been 6 foot 5 inches. Our beautiful bride wore daisies in her hair and a beautiful dress that had a golden touch to it. It wasn’t ivory it was more of a pale golden color. She looked breathtaking. Everyone gathered on the beach and I handed out the rose petals. We had made a nice heart and the sand and I swept the sand around the heart so that it made the heart more pronounced. It was filled with red rose petals. Their loving family and friends surrounded them around the edges of the heart. It was really beautiful looking that way. I wish I could’ve had a drone to fly over because you could have seen all the people gathered around the heart so that the people also made the shape of a heart. As the sun began to set our bride walk down to us with her father to escorting her. The ceremony when off spectacularly and before you know it we were saying our goodbyes. It was a great ceremony and I was glad to oh have been able to be part of it. I look forward to seeing all of you on the beach very soon.