Vow Renewal On Pensacola Beach

Have you been thinking about beach wedding in Pensacola or vow renewal?  The weather is starting to heat up so think about those comfortable wedding gowns that are loose and flowing. For the guys go for khaki slacks and a white button down sure, short sleeve preferably. This seems to be what most couples are wearing including the wonderful couple we did a vow renewal for recently on Pensacola Beach. Are lovely bride wore a goddess style flowing gown. The bodice of the dress had a tank style to it with crisscrossing straps across the bodice and ended at the waistline with a loose flowing down down to her feet. Her stargazer lilies looked really pretty with her gown. This couple had been buried 15 years and had two children who were also in the vow renewal. Before we began the ceremony the groom showed me the new ring that he and bought for his wife which she knew nothing about. When we got to the part where they exchanged rings again, he put on her all the wedding than he originally had given her and then put the new wedding band on which made her gasp with delight. The kids were excited as well as they were also in on the secret ring. The soft blush of the sunset really added to the romance of the moment. There was so much love there that day it really makes me happy and feel good about what I do. So I’m looking forward to seeing all of you saying and don’t forget to dress comfortably ’cause it’s starting to heat up.