Beach Wedding Gowns Come In Many Colors

The bride for this Pensacola Beach wedding had a beautiful gown that was gray in color. But the gray was medium to deep shade adorned at the bust with jewels and beating. The dress flared out from the bust line in layers of chiffon and went down to her feet. Against the emerald green waters and white sand her dress stood out quite vividly. It really was something to behold and quite lovely. It flattered her skin tone very well. The groom wore a white button down shirt with gray slacks so it looked like a nice outfit well matched for the occasion. The day was beautiful we couldn’t ask for better weather on Pensacola Beach. The humidity was low so it made the wedding quite bearable. The brides youngest sister was there and she was about 10 and very excited to see her sister getting married. The brides mom and dad were there as well with dead walking down the blushing bride to our eager groom. The ceremony went off perfectly and we were really blessed to find a space on the beach well away from everyone giving us some privacy for the nuptials. After family portraits and some intimate shots of our bride and groom we were saying goodbye in driving off into the sunset. The family had chose to stay behind and take some pictures of their own with their cell phones. It was a great day to be on the beach with the wonderful couple and their family.