Bridal Beautiful In Navarre Beach Wedding

What’s better than a Pensacola Beach wedding? Well how about a Navarre Beach wedding? I had the pleasure of marrying a wonderful bride and groom on Navarre beach yesterday. The groom was such a wonderful person I had been talking to him for about two weeks on the phone. And he was the one who made all the arrangements, which is different from most of the weddings and a dud or the bride makes all the arrangements. Anyway the day rides and I go to meet our wonderful couple. She had her children there including a six foot four Marine who looked fantastic and his dress uniform. He walked mom down the aisle and was only 18. DOS that kid was tall. Our lovely bride wore a short dress and looked absolutely stunning. She had scandals on her feet which are pieces of jewelry that you can wear round your toe in ankle. Looks great on the beach. We’re about to start the ceremony and oh my goodness the bride forgot her bouquet. Luckily one of her charming children ran up to the condo and grabbed it for her. What a sweetheart. We got so many beautiful photos because yesterday was just outstanding. The sunset and the water were just incredibly beautiful, a little chilly but not too bad. Then again if it gets was 70° a need a sweater. Looking forward to seeing all of you on the beach real soon.