Beach Wedding Safety

When you think about beach wedding safety what comes to your mind? Some of you might think having enough sunscreen on which is a good think, always get it as PS 30 are higher if you are unaccustomed to sun. Others may say weather could play a part in beach wedding safety and they would be right also, as we would never to a wedding in weather that we thought would be not suitable. While some of you might say sharks but we don’t do weddings in the water. Now here’s another thing to think about, stress. Some of you may want to come down over the weekend get married on Sunday and leave after the wedding to drive back home. This is the worst thing you can do and I wouldn’t advise anyone to do it. And here are the reasons why. First you are going to be excited and nervous the whole time Sunday. That’s normal, just about everyone is. Next are gonna be driving all night after being excited and nervous for a whole day and you will be exhausted by the time you get in that car. That’s really scary when you think about it. Instead make other plans. Even if you stay in your own hometown and get married there it’s better been driving a long way and being very tired. My main thoughts are about brides and grooms and how they’re safety. Beach weddings are great but plan with enough time to be happy and healthy while you’re here. Looking forward to seeing all you on the beach soon.