Spring Breaking With Weddings In Gulf Shores

When you think of a Gulf Shores wedding what comes to mind? Do you think of a son drenched beach with sparkling Gulf water? Do you ever think about medieval times? Well we’ve recently had a wedding in Gulf Shores and are bride and groom wanted to dress in medieval garments. I thought it was a little different but when along with it as I thought it would be a lot of fun. It was great! The bride wore a princess style dress with a big pointy hat and a flowing piece of material on the hat. The grooms came dressed in a suit of armor that was it made of metal. It was made of plastic. But metal would’ve been readily heavy on that beach. They were a queued adventuress couple who are renewing their vows and wanted to celebrate it in a completely different way. I married these two about two years ago and it was a enchanting wedding. They loved the area so much they wanted to come back and renew their vows and have fun on the beach. We did get some people that thought we were shooting a movie and I said no they were just renewing their vows. Several people took pictures and offered to send the couple some of the pictures that they took. A couple kids wanted their pitchers taking with the groom which she obliged. It was a wonderful day to be on the beach with the fun loving and happy couple.