Are you ready for the boat parade

December 6 there will be a boat parade and you will be able to see it from the boardwalk on Pensacola Beach. I not get married on Pensacola Beach and enjoy the boat parade afterwards. Last year there were about 10 votes in the boat parade and it was really quite pretty. I’d didn’t stay for the fireworks and left early. But it was a fun night and that’s very cool. Santa Claus was delivered to the island by boat to the chorus of screaming children. We enjoyed hot chocolate and mild temperatures. The boat parade was late getting started and I had kinda got bored waiting. Then the boats went way out into the inner coastal waterway, so far out you just about couldn’t see them. But when they came and it was to the delight of everyone. Santa Claus of course is always going to put everyone in the spirit of Christmas. The boats were really decorated nicely some with the LED lights that a become so popular in recent years. When I left that evening I was feeling we relaxed and happy. I hope to see you and this year’s boat parade.  It’s sure to be a good one.