Get married on the beach and hit the races!

Are you a race fan? Do you wanna get married on the beach? If so this is your lucky weekend. This weekend is the 47th annual snow ball derby at five flags speedway in Pensacola Florida. This event goes from December 3 thru December 7 with the main race on December 7 with super late models. This will be a 300 lap race. So you could get married in the morning on December 5 and that the races that night. It’s really easy to get your marriage license. There are several offices to choose from, one which will be convenient to where you were staying. You can get married the same day you purchase your marriage license as long as you are both out of state residents. Make sure to bring your ID like a state driver’s license and know your Social Security number. This time a year we can be on the beach very quickly to help you with your celebration. Elopements are popular during this time of year because it’s a quiet time with not a lot of people on the beach. Today we reached a high of 76 on December 3. If that don’t get you down here I don’t know what will. Seeing you in the sunshine real soon with the one you love.