Bridal veil and the foot

Another beautiful wedding on Pensacola Beach and this one had a bride with a veil that was 10 feet long. I don’t encourage long veils on the beach because if there’s a breeze it can really play havoc on a veil. Today was no different however I did expect it and was watching her very closely. I had also talked about it with her mother and we had agreed that if anything went wrong or she got a snag that stopped her, mom would jump out and get her loose. Something like that happened at not quite that way. As she was coming down the aisle way someone stepped on her veil accidentally. She stopped rather abruptly and mother jumped up and very quickly got the flood off her daughter’s veil. The entire process took place in about 10 seconds. Her mother was extremely fast, I’ve never seen anything like it. Go mom! I was so proud of her. Our bride continued to be escorted down the aisle way with her father who was beaming with pride. They made it all the way down to us without anything further happening and after the ceremony the bride said how happy she was at her mother was looking out for. I couldn’t have agreed more.