Winter weddings on the beach

December is almost upon us and there’s no stopping the weddings on the beach. People are still coming down here and getting married and you can blame them. The weather is beautiful the beach is just perfect, so where are you. Orange Beach Alabama has been very popular this year with smaller weddings. This year we’ve been doing a lot of weddings with just two people or weddings with 10 people are less. There seems to be a resurgence of couples wanting a more private moment during their ceremony. We did a wedding recently where a groom only one of the two of them at the wedding, ha\im and the bride. It was a lovely wedding and the two of them seemed very relaxed. We do offer a wonderful small package for only $399 where you get a minister and a photographer and 24 photos. It has become by far the most favored wedding package we have. It’s perfect for a small wedding. I think a lot of people get nervous at the thought of having to speak in front of others, especially a large group. Thus the popularity of the small wedding. What ever package you choose will be glad to help you with it. Looking forward to seeing you on the beach this year and the next.