Happy Thanksgiving

Beach Bride Weddings is announcing new prices for 2015. Some of our prices will be going down to accommodate brides and grooms on limited budgets. You’ll still have the same quality on the website today including some new designs to help at a variety to your choices of decorations. Beach Bride Weddings would like to thank all the brides and grooms of 2014 for making our year one of the best we’ve ever had. We are grateful for you and your friends and family for giving us some wonderful memories that we will never forget. I feel so blessed that I’ve been able to have this spiritually rewarding way to make a living and bring happiness and joy to others. I’m wishing everyone out there a very Happy Thanksgiving and hoping to see you all either for the remainder of 2014 or on the beach and 2015 making memories on the beach. We will be expanding our service area more and including gulf shores and Orange Beach more than ever. It’s one of my favorite areas with so much to see and do without a lot of crowds. The Wharf has some of the best concerts. Here is to looking forward to love and happiness for all of you from all of us.