Who to pick as your wing man on your wedding day

You have asked the woman of your dreams to be yours forever. Together you have planned beach wedding on Pensacola Beach. Your bride has picked all her bridesmaids and has all their dresses picked out. Everything on her side is done so now it’s up to you to make those decisions that you’ve been putting off. Who is going to be your best man. Some men have their brother or their father stand up with them. Other guys like their best friend, that friend that’s been there in his life for years. But before you make that decision let’s talk about what makes a good best man. Make sure the person you pick is going to show up properly dressed and is well mannered. If not the bride could get very upset and we don’t want that. This guy is going to be them and that sees you through that big day and has only your best interest at heart. He’s also going toward a nice your bachelor party, no crazy partying, remember you have to look great for pictures the next day. I have the most confidence in the world that you will pick the perfect person to be there on your special day.