Jewish wedding in Gulf Shores

Mazel tov!  Oh my goodness one incredibly adorable beach wedding. The bride was Christian and grooms Jewish and were in Gulf Shores at a private beach house with family and friends in attendance. I hadn’t done a Jewish wedding on the sand in a while and was excited that we were having won this day. The weather really wasn’t cooperating. It was misty and the wind was blowing. We were doing be heart in the sand design, Isle of Love, and I couldn’t put the petals down until I saw the bride walking down the aisle. Their cake and looked just absolutely delicious. The champagne glasses were ready and everyone was excited. I went up to the bride and I got the marriage license and the Jewish glass the groom would stomp on and break at the end of the ceremony. When we finally got started it was misting so much I needed windshield wipers on my glasses. We soldiered on. The bride came down to us and I threw out the rose petals. Fortunately none of them blew away. I had passed out small beach balls for the guests to throw in the air at the end of the ceremony. It with something the bride wanted. The ceremony when off great. We got all the pictures we needed. And then the bottom fell out. By that time everyone was inside celebrating.