What to not wear to a wedding on the beach

So you’ve been invited to wedding in Gulf Shores on the beach in July. You’ve never been two Gulf Shores and have no idea what kind of attire would be considered acceptable. If you’re a woman you may want to think about something light colored and light weight. Depending on what type of wedding you’re being invited to it can be anything from a sun dress to something more formal but keep it flowing and comfortable. It’s going to be July and even at sunset it’s going to be warm, very warm, we are talking upper eighties. If you’re a man I would suggest slacks and a light weight, light colored shirt. Both men and women should think about wearing flip flops for shoes. Dress shoes and high heels do not work well in sand. I would advise against that. I would also suggest for light makeup and waterproof mascara. Wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun. Do not wear black. If you are at a more formal wedding that was indoors you could probably pull off wearing black as long as it was mixed with another color. Wearing black would be disrespectful to the bride and groom and unless she want mother of the brighter the mother of the groom eyeballing you the whole time in may want to reconsider your clothing.