The lobster bride and groom

When you’re getting married on the beach in Navarre Florida or anywhere on the Gulf Coast of Florida and Alabama you should consider wearing a high SPF sunscreen to protect your skin and your look of your wedding from redness. When you’re looking back on your wedding pictures you don’t want to see yourself all sunburned and all your guests looking normal. Do not assume that you will tan and look fabulous. This is something that happens quite frequently with people that are unaccustomed to the sun and its intensity particularly and summertime. Because of the extreme heat in the summertime you can get burned in 15 minutes or less without sunscreen. By using a sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or more and applying it every hour you will come out with a beautiful base tan and looks stunning and that switch going for. Every time I’ve talked to a bride it is one thing that I’ve tried to tell them about so that they don’t get surprised on their wedding day. And no you don’t wanna be a lobster. And in a white dress or a white shirt read will stand out quite brightly. So do yourself a favor spray on the sunscreen, go out there have fun, swim in the Gulf of Mexico, lay on the sand and enjoy the beauty of nature. You’re in a beautiful place so take out that sunscreen and spray away