Ringbearers and flower girls

There is nothing cuter than a ring there and flower girl walking together period most of the time these are very young children. And being very young children they can be easily distracted. You may want to consider having an adult walk down with them to keep them focused on the event at hand. Young children can get so excited by the water and the sand that they will forget all about the wedding and play instead. This is quite common and happens regularly. Come on their kids it’s what they did. That’s why we advise to have an adult walk with them to help them along. We try to plan your wedding 1 hour prior to the sun being on the zenith. That way you get great sunset pictures with all the oranges pinks and purples of the sunset. But if your flower role in ring bearer end up running down the beach to get to the water it can throw a kink in things so plan ahead and help the kids out. One time we had a dog ring bearer but that’s a whole other story. It did and well after we got the dog back from running down the beach. So by planning ahead and thinking of these things it can really make a big difference in your wedding going the way that you always envisioned it to. And most flower girls throw out one petal at a time which is normal so we give them a small handful in their baskets to throw. We put the majority of the rose petals were you in the groom will stand.