Parking for beach weddings and other perils

Your hair and makeup are done. Your dress looks amazing and your bridesmaids are all smiles and giggles. Your father is there to walk you down the aisle. Your decorations are in place and your minister is ready. Everything is falling into place just the way it was planned. You look out the window and oh no your guests cars are being towed. You are freaking out, what has happened. It’s the one thing that you don’t plan for but it’s the something you should. Where are your guests going to park? Do not I repeat do not assume that you can park anywhere you want to. It will lead to your undoing and a complete mess at your wedding. You don’t want to be remembered for the wedding were everyone’s cars were towed. Not a pretty sight. So what should you do? First figure out how much room you have for your guests to park. If you’re having a reception with catering and a wedding company bringing decorations they need to be able to park and unload easily, not blocks away. That’s one thing I like about Pensacola Beach four weddings, they have areas where you can go out onto open beach with no houses in the background and have your ceremony with plenty of parking. It does have its advantages.