Big Surprise For Wedding Guests

Yes we were in on the surprise.  I had the pleasure of being contacted by a bride and groom who were young at heart and in their early thirties with small children. Their children’s ages ranged from 4 to 10. They wanted to do something special that they would remember for a long long time, something unexpected that no one would know about except for the bride, groom, the children, my photographer and myself. When I had first heard the bride’s suggestion of what she wanted to do at first I was hesitant but it’s their wedding so I said go for it. So the big day arrives, all the cash show up and we’re waiting on the bride to come down to us with her father. They proceed down the aisle to the groom waiting their three children. The wedding goes off perfectly smiles and happiness and joy everywhere. And then we win into pictures, family pictures and bridl pictures. Then as everyone stood there are gathered around wishing them all the luck in the world, the bride and groom grabbed each other’s hands along with the children’s and all five of them ran into the Gulf of Mexico. Yes the bridl was still in her wedding gown and the groom was still in his wedding clothes. Everyone got completely and totally drenched. I had my camera taking the guests reaction while the photographer took pictures of the happy couple running into the water. Every one laughed along with the bride and groom and then went back to the beach house to get cleaned up and celebrate. It was a fun day.