Fly The Bride Over The Moon

This beach wedding was on Navarre Beach, out past the houses. If the groomed and bride had met each other with the groom works for an airplane parts company. The bride delivered parts that the airplane parts company ordered and the groom was to clerk and that would normally check them in. I thought that was so romantic. One day he delivered her a small box. They had been dating for a while. He tell her to go ahead and open the box and in the box was a diamond ring, an engagement ring. It gets better so we’re having the wedding out on Navarre Beach, beautiful area, it was in the fall so there weren’t a lot of people around. The groom had ordered a fly over from a local company with a banner that would read marry me and the bride’s name. I thought that was so appropriate and let’s face it romantic. So we had the ceremony our going into pictures. I had called the pilot and told him that we were going into pictures and he should do the fly over. He came through perfectly and we were able to capture the picture as the fly over was happening. What a wonderful memory to capture on digital. The bride and groom wrote me back afterward and told me about it with a picture of the fly over. It was a very interesting wedding I never forgot it.