Horse And Buggy At Wedding

A few years back we’re having a wedding on Pensacola Beach and the bride wanted a horse and buggy to bring her to the boardwalk that lead down to the beach. I found them a man with a nice buggy drawn by a beautiful white horse. The buggy was decorated with flowers and the horse had on a nice bridle so it looked very pretty, perfect for a bride and her bridesmaids. So we’re getting ready to start the wedding and are bride and in bridesmaids are at the next parking lot down for where we were. I’m waiting in the parking lot with the photographer, by faithful for topper for, and we see the buggy and horse approaching us. I was excited because I don’t get very many horse and buggies. I’m watching the horse get closer to me and I start to realize that I don’t see the driver. Oh dear. The bride and bridesmaids waved frantically and then I saw the driver chasing the horse and buggy down the road. I tell the photographer to keep everyone called jump in the truck and started to chase down the driver. I was able to get the driver and get up next to the horse and buggy, the driver leaned out light truck window grab the horse by the bridle and slowly we got them to stop. The horse debt and go too far so we were able to turn around the buggy and get it headed back to the wedding. The bride turn to me and said if this is the only thing that happens during my ceremony am OK. Good philosophy.