Bride And Groom’s Dog Bites My Dress Oh Dear

I love animals move all kinds dogs cats birds everything. Although apparently all animals like me. I was in Navarre for a small beach wedding and the bride and groom informed me that their dog would be taking part in the wedding. That’s fine with me. I also took them were to get a really nice little cake from the local Publix there. It was really good with devil’s food cake and butter cream icing. Yummy. So I walk into the condominium and the couple’s black lab rushes up to me and bites my dress, ripping it right in the crotch. O lucky me. Luckily I had a couple safety pins in my purse and went and safety pins of my dress in strategic places where it would look so bad. I did the best I could do under the circumstances. When I went back and to talk to the couple the dog the course was then a much better mood and not trying to eat my dress. In fact the puppy hat on a Hawaiian Les looking to absolutely adorable. We walked out to the beach just the three of us in the dog and had a lovely ceremony. Afterwards we came up and everyone had a piece of cake and I took shoot pictures of the champagne toast. The dog I’d like dress several times but never made an attempt to eat it off me. I was grateful. That dress was toast and it had to be thrown away. I never liked that dress anyway.