You Can Plant A Tree On The Beach, Bride Devastated

I got a job to shoot an engagement party in Perdido Key with a vow renewal the next day. I took pictures of the engagement party which went really well they were celebrating while it in Perdido Key and they wanted to preserve the moment with pictures. This job went so smoothly I was so pleased. The couple and their families we’re all they’re enjoying the special moment on the beach. Afterwards we were able to capture a really beautiful sunset as the engagement party had taken place in December when the sun would be right over the water. The next day we had about renewal in Orange Beach Alabama which turned out OK but there were some issues with a tree. We walked out two the edge of the water and I noticed the bride had a trade with her a small sapling. I asked where she had got the tree from and she told me that she had got it from Wisconsin. I informed her that the tree could not be planted where she wanted to planted as it would kill it. I tried to explain to her that you cannot plant a tree right next to saltwater you would definitely die. This was not what she wanted to hear. I had to go into an extremely long explanation of what saltwater does to the roots of trees. I can understand her being unhappy but I would really hate for her to come back and expect to see the trees and find nothing. Well and I always come out the way you plan it but at least they had a good renewal our joyful.