Our Groom Was A Great Big Sweet Guy

We traveled to a house that was in Gulf Shores Alabama to have a beach wedding. It was the middle of July so is very warm. I don’t like to do weddings with tuxedos when it’s that hot. It’s a really too much for anyone to ask a man two we’re that much close when it’s that hot. The bride’s not wearing that much close so why should the groom haft were more close of the bride. Just doesn’t make sense. Anyway our groom was a great big guy he was about 6′ 6″ and about 275 pounds. Super sweet. A gentle giant. We were about to start the ceremony and I noticed a groom was sweating rather profusely. I asked him if he was OK as I had become concerned because of his color, he was pale. He assured me he was fined so we preceded on both the ceremony. Our bride had walked down to us and we were into the ceremony about midway through and I thought I saw The groom weaving. I kept going as I thought that was my imagination until I saw the groom heading towards me in a falling down kind of posture. O no! So I relaxed and fill with him as he landed on top of me. The photographer and the grooms men were able to get the groom into a chair where we removed his coat, vest, tie and rolled his sleeves up. I was OK so we continued with the ceremony with the groom sitting in a chair. We let him stand up for some pictures and the whole ceremony preceded as if nothing had ever happened.