The Dog As A Ring Bearer In A Wedding

A couple of years ago I had a wedding on Pensacola Beach where war bride and groom had requested if their dog could be ring bearer. I of course said yes since the wedding was taking place at a house facing the beach. They wanted to keep the wedding on the property as I had explained to them that pets could not be on the beach at that time. The bride was very excited her dog, named, Lilly, was a border collie if. I asked her how many times she had rehearsed the dog for the big day and she told me me she had never rehearsal Lilly. I was concerned but thought we could carry this off very easily. So we start the wedding and everyone was seated the bridesmaids came down the aisle, then the bride and the ring bearer came down the aisle with her dad. It was shortly before they got down to the altar that Lilly noticed a seagull standing on the beach about 20 feet away. I knew from the expression on the dog’s face this was not gonna turn out well. The dog suddenly bolted and took off after the seagull running down the beach with rings bouncing up and down on a pillow on her back. O horrors! I immediately ran after the dog calling her and watching her disappear into the sunset. I kept after her and after about 10 minutes later was able to take her and rings still intact on the pillow back to the wedding and proceed. Note to self no more dog’s as ring bearers.