Trashing the dress at your beach wedding

I noticed this trend starting about two years ago. Trashing the dress at your beach wedding. It really doesn’t matter where we’ve had the ceremony, whether we were in Gulf Shores Alabama or Pensacola Beach Florida, brides wanted to jump in the water in their wedding gowns. Sometimes it was really fun to watch the brides and grooms jump in the water together. There were so much joy and laughter and lots of great pictures. I always advised everyone if the surf was too rough because this could be a safety issue. Sometimes brides jumped in and were unprepared for the weight of their dress. One bride and groom had some romantic kisses and the sand wear the dress was watched by the waves and the sand. I can understand why the brides did it the dress will only be worn once so why not? These women probably paid for their dresses. They were never gone to wear the dress again and most gowns can never be sold twice. So for all you brides wanting to get wet and roll the sand at completely silly with your husband that you just married I say why not. Get out there and have fun it’s your wedding no one will mind.