My first Halloween wedding

I have these two friends who wanted to get married on Halloween. I had known that both for years and said why not, they seem very well matched. The day of the ceremony came and my photographer and I showed up at the hotel to get settled in and plan our day. Why we were there a bridesmaid notified us that the people who are going to decorate for the wedding did show up. Oh darn! So the photographer and I put up our books and our cameras and got busy decorating for wedding. All we had to work with was some white Christmas lights, a few pieces of glittery fabric, and some ribbon on a roll. We looked around and were able to find some scissors and tape. Wildlife photographer put ice in the bar and stacked up plates and cups I began decorating. First the started with what to do if the ceiling and walls. I’d taped up the Christmas lights along the walls and turned out the lights to give a nice soft glow to the whole place. Did I mention we’re in a small pool house beside the pool? Then I took the ribbon and curled it at the ends and taped it to the ceiling which was chronicled because there were pieces of ribbon hanging everywhere. Then I took some of the glittery fabric cut it to fit the tables and made table arrangements was some vases found under the bar and daisies I picked that were growing alongside the road. It worked.