Don’t plan a wedding without telling the bride and groom

I had this wedding on Pensacola Beach that I thought would be a very easy wedding. Originally I was told that there would be about 10 to 15 people. When I got there about 200 people on the property , which is a big difference from 10 to 15. When I asked about this I was informed that they all just showed up and which same kind of hard to believe at first. That was until I found out that the bridesmaids had invited everyone without telling the bride or groom. Needless to say the bride and groom not real happy about this as they wanted a small private wedding on the beach. And that’s a really great way to have a wedding without distractions. So we make the best of it and of course the people who were supposed to set up the decorations never showed up. That seems to be an occurring issue alot this year. Note to bride and groom, make sure the people that you asked to do something are dependable. So once again the photographer and I took the bull by the horns so to speak. We went out to where the wedding was to be held and saw the ramshackle job that someone had attempted to do. We of course fixed it not wanting my bride to come out in faint of fright that anyone would do that to her over wedding day. The wedding were off of the problem and the photographer and I reflected on the wedding on the way home.