Be kind to the people you invite to your ceremony

I have had many many brides and have enjoyed every single wedding with great happiness for the bride and groom. In my entire career which has spanned 15 years I’ve only had two diva brides. These women were very self centered and did things to their guests which were unforgivable. One bride made all of her guests walk over 300 yards (900 feet) through sand to get to where she wanted her wedding to be set up. Then she made her guest wait for over an hour in the heat. I was so shocked that anyone would do that. The caterers also had to make the long trek booths and with equipment just like we did. One of them cut his foot open and had to go to the hospital to get stitched up. Which of course meant that by photographer and I are going to have to help the caterers after the ceremony. When the bride finally showed up the sun had already set and it was dark. There wasn’t a lot we could do to have sunset pictures but we make the best of it. After the ceremony and the photography’s we help the caterers the best we could and they appreciated it very much. When I got ready to say goodbye to the bride and groom the bride asked me if she could have more pictures by herself. We of course did our job and took a more pictures of her by herself. Then we left. Although I was disappointed at the diva I just let it go, went home and relaxed. By the way this is not a picture of the diva.  This is a happy couple we married in Gulf Shores Alabama near the Pink Pony.