What to do in Orange Beach after your ceremony

We do a lot of elopements. A lot of people ask me, I’m gonna be in Orange Beach Alabama, where can I get something good to eat that will have something for everybody and be nice with a great price. There’s only a couple places I can recommend to you that I think you would really enjoy and one of them is Cosmos, named after the owners black lab. Yes this if the dog friendly restaurant and while some you might think this would be the place to go for intimate dinner after her ceremony, you couldn’t be more wrong. One thing I like about this place you can eat inside or outside. If you have a larger group you might wanna eat outside. If you have a smaller group you may want to consider inside. Or vice versa. It really depends on what you’re looking for. The food has everything from seafood to steaks to burgers to kids’ plates. I think that covers all the bases as foreseen your family and friends. It’s also really great for those of you could just came with two people. Celebrating that first meal together as husband and wife couldn’t be better than right here. The service is excellent and the food delicious. They have specials every day and of course something chocolate for chocolate lovers. Either way you can go wrong with this place because it’s very romantic.