Do you love music in Gulf Shores and the beach.

Do you love music? Are you gonna be getting married in Gulf Shores Alabama? If so you should think about coming down here during the hangout music festival. This is a three day festival with many national music acts that features pop, rock, country, rap, and just about everything else. It’s really a fun event and if the both of you love music than this would be the best time to come to get married, have a honeymoon, and jam out. There are different kinds of passes you can get for this festival including VIP which enables you to have table and chairs provided to you and be on the beach watching your favorite recording artists. The festival takes place around the middle of May. There will be thousands of people there to jam out with and dance with. This year there will be a water slide, places to George cell phones and other equipment, lots of great club wear, and great gulf coast seafood. It really is a great event for music lovers to enjoy. Hoping I see their marrying you on the beach.