Navarre sandcastles for happy couples

A great time to come to Navarre Florida to get married is during the sand sculpting contest. This event is held towards the end of September. Many groups from all across the United States come here to test their abilities against others in the sculpting of the sand. That this is not anything that kids do, these people are professionals. We’re talking the top soft sand sculptors who make these masterpieces. Many of these people go head to head in a 10 minute competition with the winner advancing to the championship rounds. The winner is based on the audience applause. One couple who was getting married here had the sand sculpted for them with their names and a wedding chapel with a bride and groom. It was really as something to behold. Other pieces of art included, a headless torso, guarding pumpkins, and horses racing a motorcycle. There was even someone who had read a book for so long that they turned into a cabbage. Now that’s creativity. So grab your sweetheart and I’ll meet you want the beach, get married, and go play and the sand. I’ll be the one making sand castles with a little bucket.