A very special moment of bridal history on Pensacola Beach

Recently I had the honor and pleasure of performing a beach wedding on Pensacola Beach. When the bride called me she told me of an impending hospital stay to treat an illness. Her future husband and the bride had decided to go ahead and get married and then she would return to her hometown to go through this illness with the support of her family and friends. I admired her bravery and courage to be so open and talk about this illness. They got my smallest package, Island Getaway. Because of the special moment that I was privileged to be a part of I decided to buy her some pink petals and put them down for her to walk on. When we met a couple left the photographer with them and went down to the beach and put the petals out. The groom wall down to as and there are wonderful bride. When she came off the boardwalk she saw the petals and it made her gasp with happiness. She turned to me and smiled. I felt like I had made someone’s day with a simple gesture of kindness. I have felt blessed before and today was no exception. I will always remember that moment.